Hello from Buffalo, NY

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Hello from Buffalo, NY

Postby Steve » Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:49 pm

Hi, Name is Steve, I started with red wigglers, I'm trying to feed 9 Rock Bass that I have in a mini aquaponics system, use the fish water pumped through a hydroponics system to grow the plants. I went to Agway and bought a 40lb bag of their manure/humus mix @ $2.30, split bag between two 18 gallon totes and mixed in grass clippings from the compost pile along with shredded newspapers. I feed them green table scraps (no onions) and apple cores that I run through a blender and then pour into the bins. I cover the feed with wet newspaper. To feed the fish I just lift the paper an pick out 20 worms. I have seen some small worms in there so I know they are reproducing, But I have never seen the egg sacks, I keep the worms in the backroom at 60* too 70* F. This setup has been running for almost 3 months. It smells alright. But I thought I'd have more small worms already. I bought your 14 day book and will reread it tonight, that method should work with red wigglers, right? Am I being to impatient?
Thanks, Steve
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Re: Hello from Buffalo, NY

Postby Brian M » Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:32 am

Hello Steve,
Welcome to the Worm Expert Forum, Always good to see more people getting into worming. How many worms did you start out with? After 3 months you should be seeing an increase in your numbers. If you look closely in your bedding you will see litlle grape seed looking things from green to brown in colour. These are the worm cocoons. If it smells good you must be on the right track.

I started out feeding Australian Long Neck Turtles and my worm farming grew from there. :) :)
Brian :-) :-)
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Re: Hello from Buffalo, NY

Postby The Worm Expert » Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:32 am



The 14 Day Worm Castings eBook was geared towards a specific technique utilizing a specific cultivated nightcrawler setup.

Red wigglers can survive the environment in the eBook however will not flourish nor produce the worm castings nearly as quickly.

Being all smells good and you are seeing some small worms showing up is a good sign however may mean something is still a little off for their environment in order to produce more worms. Based off what you mention I have not seen where you were adding any lime to the system. Have you checked the pH levels to the worm bed area?

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